Coverings 2019

What’s new in this year’s Coverings?

Solid colors enameled glass with
textured glaze

This year we brought back recycled glass in solid colors with mixed glossy and matte finish. Brand new shapes available such as pickets, ovals, various sizes chevrons and penny rounds, mini medium and maxi herringbones, fan, arabesque and many more. But the real innovation is in the finish: we proudly present the texture glazed surface! Not only is the mosaic embellished by the matte and glossy finish but it is also a pleasure at the touch with an anti-slip effect. These mosaics are suitable for interior walls, light duty floors, showers and submerged areas, and with all the wide range of colors available can adapt to every style, from the most classic look with delicate tones to the most eccentric look with vivid and bright colors! Check out our new enameled glass products, click here.







Soft texture glass

Speaking of texture, this year we also launched brand new glass mosaics with soft textured surface. Mosaics and tiles are available in white, beige, grey and green tones, also mixed in together in unique blends that can be combined with porcelain chips. These mosaics are suitable for interior walls, light duty floors and showers, with the applications of epoxy adhesive and grout. Check out our new glass mosaics with soft texture, click here.









Other products

Along with these new items, we introduced a lot of new shapes and colors of your favorite mosaics and tiles:

  • Metallic glass mosaics: new metallic colors and blends in sticks, penny rounds, chevrons and elongated hexagons
  • Metallic glass with mirror frame: new colors and tiles to match with mosaics
  • Glass mosaic: new color palette and blends
  • New cast glass mosaics in many colors from grey to beige, blue, pink, red, green and many more
  • Enameled glass mosaics with new and improved marble looks and geometrical customizable patterns
  • New porcelain mosaics with solid colors and marble look
  • New 3D porcelain tiles with square, triangle and diamond shapes
  • New modern look cement tiles set: tile + pencil + chair rail

Head to our products section to find our all the new Coverings 2019 introductions!