New Introductions Autumn 2019


Our Contemporanea collection in enameled glass got enriched with textured glaze mosaics in solid and new marble looks. We also added a new set of patterned pebbles and new triangular shapes. You can check out our recycled glass collections by clicking here.


New tiles

We added a wide range of mirror and antique mirror look glass tiles with or without bevel on the edges to give walls an ancient and elegant look.

Speaking of elegance, you are going to love our new white marble tiles and mosaics with mirror inlays and their simple and classy design.

Last but not least among our new tiles are these decorated ceramic with waterjet pattern look, with silver or gold inserts and floral motifs.


Other new products:

  • New 3D glass tiles in the tones of blue and green
  • New cast glass mosaics with paint look
  • New elegant combinations of glass and stone herringbone mosaics
  • New antique mirror look laminated glass mosaic with film on the back
  • New textured glass tiles and mosaics
  • New metallic glass mosaics with mirror frame in triangular and diamond shape
  • New metal penny rounds with ceramic base
  • New aluminum patterns

Go check the latest additions in our Products section!


Glass slabs

We are proudly introducing new glass slabs made in Italy. These slabs are made of laminated glass (tempered when specifically required) with 4mm+4mm thickness. We can also offer them cut in customized sizes, which makes them really versatile and suitable for various types of projects (can be used as backsplashes, shower screens and table tops).The back color can be chosen among black, white, light and dark grey, taupe and many more, in addition to mirror and antique mirror look. The fabric in between can also be customized for large projects.


Contact us for more details on our glass slabs, their composition and their usage!