A close look: Terrazzo Line

A close look:

Terrazzo Line

On February 23rd, on the occasion of National Tile Day promoted by the Coverings Show, we shared a preview of some of our new collections of tiles and mosaics.

There are a lot of new introductions this year, but surely one of the most appreciated ones was our brand new Terrazzo line.

We are going to dedicate this article to this new collection, to show you more designs and share some information about this material.

What is terrazzo?

terrazzo arvex

Terrazzo is a tiling material which is made pouring a cement binder with chips of several materials like marble, quartz, granite, glass and others.


The origins of terrazzo date back to the nineteenth century in Italy, with the usage of Pavimento alla Veneziana (Venetian pavement), which had a similar production process. It started to stand out in the 1920s with Art Deco and was very popular throughout the middle of the twentieth century.

A hundred years apart, terrazzo is making its comeback in the interior design world and everybody is loving the outcome, modernized and adapted to the demands of the new millennium.


The fact that so many materials and color bases can be involved in the production makes these tiles unique and not equal to one another, but also really flexible from a creative standpoint, perfect to match almost every style and project.


It is also a great solution for the environment because it usually employs recycled waste materials and can be extremely durable if installed properly.


Terrazzo tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor application as flooring tiles and countertops, though many are using this decorative motif for many surfaces and pieces of furniture, as well as for decorative objects.

terrazzo italia

Our Terrazzo

This year we are excited to introduce for the first time a new made in Italy terrazzo line, named after Roman deities to embrace that Italian culture we are very proud of and to celebrate the Italian materials involved in the production.

We developed 18 colors with dark and light backgrounds: from black, white and grey shades to colored cements. These bases are wisely combined with some of the most beautiful Italian marbles available.


One of the main materials used for this line is of course one of the world’s finest marbles and an Italian excellence: Carrara marble. With its characteristic compact grain and its crystalline white color with blue-greyish veins, it was and it still is often used for sculptures and surfaces ever since the age of the Roman Empire.

Carrara marble has the lead role in eight of the colors and makes an appearance in other three, you can find it in tiles like: Diana, Saturno, Apollo and Marte.


In the shades of beige, one of the marbles used is Botticino, which is a creamy beige natural stone with a fine grain and some rare whitish and golden veins. Another particular marble is Giallo Mori, a compact limestone in the shades of ochre (light-brownish yellow).

You can find these marbles in: Venere, Urano and Giove.


Marbles Rosa Corallo and Rosso Verona came to the rescue to add a touch of color and extravagance. These two marbles have a characteristic reddish tone: Rosa Corallo is a kind of pink marble with delicate white veins while Rosso Verona has a stronger shade of red.

The two of them appear in tiles such as Cerere and Cupido.


Among the darker shades we have Nero Ebano marble, with the peculiarity of being the only available black marble in Italy at the moment. It provides one of the deepest and most beautiful shades of black.


All these tiles are made of a single layer of through body material and can be supplied with straight cut or with micro-beveled edges and in honed or brushed finish according to the requirements.


Tiles and slabs are available in sizes:

  • Tiles: 400x400x18mm, 600x600x22mm
  • Slabs: 305x125cm with several thicknesses

and can be customized and cut-to-size.


Terrazzo tiles are easy to clean: just use a neutral detergent diluted in water and reapply the wax if needed.


These tiles and slabs are suitable for indoor and outdoor application: as mentioned above, they can be used as countertops, backsplashes, flooring tiles and much more!

terrazzo tiles

This was our presentation of the new Terrazzo line! Click here to check out all the 18 colors.

Let us know what you think! You can contact us  any time for more information, to request samples or simply to share your feedback!