SPC and WSPC Vinyl Flooring

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SPC and WSPC vinyl flooring


Who doesn’t like a classic wood pavement? Wood is still one of the most used flooring materials also thanks to its style, which gives warmth and personality to spaces.


Wood pavement sure is gorgeous, but it’s also an investment that requires high maintenance and it is not always suitable for every room. However, its grain is so beautiful and recognizable that, thanks to digital print technology getting more and more accurate and realistic, it has been reproduced on many types of surfaces to make it more accessible, functional and eco-friendly.


If you are searching for an alternative to real wood parquet, engineered vinyl flooring has proved to be a really valid one, providing stability, resistance and durability at lower costs.


In particular, in the past few years we have seen the rise of vinyl flooring with SPC core, a technology that has great features both from a quality and an aesthetic point of view.

What is SPC vinyl flooring?

SPC flooring is a type of engineered luxury vinyl flooring with rigid core. It is usually made of several layers:


  • The first layer is the SPC core, a limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers composite that makes the tile resistant and 100% waterproof.
  • The second layer is the vinyl layer that carries the pattern of the tile. There are endless looks that can be reproduced on this decorative film, including the most classic flooring materials such as marble, wood and concrete.
  • The final layers are the wear layer and the UV coating that provide durability, stain and scratch resistance and enhance the decoration on the film.

In addition, there can also be an underlay of EVA or IXPE foam to serve as a sound barrier.


Some of the advantages of these tiles are the competitive price and the wear resistance. Moreover, thanks to the Click System, they can be easily installed without any gluing and do not require the removal of the existing floor, which is ideal for DIY or small-budget projects.


The SPC core’s composition prevents the tiles from expanding or contracting with significant temperature variations. Their stability and water resistance make them perfect to be installed in every room of the house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, etc.) and for light and medium commercial application.

This type of flooring is also pet and eco-friendly because of the scratch resistance and the absence of formaldehyde.


Being waterproof, SPC flooring does not develop mold and can come with an antibacterial treatment that eliminates the bacterial load on the surface of the tile. Even after 24 hours the bacterial load is still 60% lower than a non-treated sample.


SPC vinyl flooring does not disregard the look: the prints on the decorative film can be very realistic, and even more so thanks to the EIR, Embossed in Register, embossing technology that can recreate real wood, marble and concrete texture on the surface of the tiles.

What is Wood Veneer SPC flooring?

The main difference between SPC and Wood Veneer SPC (WSPC or VSPC) is that WSPC has a real wood layer in place of the decorative vinyl film, giving the tile a perfectly realistic look.

WSPC is not to be confused with WPC, which is another type of engineered vinyl tile with a core made of a wood plastic composite, which is more comfortable but less resistant.


The advantage on a visual level is that the tiles made with real wood veneer have no pattern repetition and are different from one another, therefore they can recreate the original surface of wood pavements with their characteristic grain, maintaining the impact and water resistance of SPC flooring.


This year we are launching our own collection of WSPC that includes 18 colors and shades of several types of woods like:

  • Tan and reddish-brown Hickory
  • White and red Oak
  • Maple
  • Different shades of Bamboo

You can find our brand new WSPC vinyl tiles here, along with our regular SPC tiles in marble and wood look.

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