Spc & Lvt-Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are the perfect alternative to real wood parquet in terms of budget, wear resistance and look. Our graphics are also available EIR, Embossed in Register, a technique of embossing which makes them perfectly realistic.

These innovative vinyl tiles come with an SPC core, Stone Polymer Composite, and are water resistant and suitable for residential, light and medium commercial applications.

Bfl-s1 fire resistant and available equipped with EVA or IXPE sound barrier glued on the underside.

Below you will find a preview of this collection, click here for the full range.To receive the password for the private sections, please use the form to send us your company info and your inquiries, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via email or telephone.

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    Our SPC vinyl tiles are waterproof and do not develop mold and fungi. They come with an antibacterial treatment that can reduce up to 60% of the bacterial load on the surface compared to non-treated tiles.

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